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The Evil Dead

The Evil DeadDirected by: Sam Raimi

Produced by: Robert Tapert

Written by:  Sam Raimi

Starring: Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Betsy Baker, Hal Delrich, Sarah York

Music by: Joseph LoDuca

Cinematography: Tim Philo

Editing by: Edna Ruth Paul, Joel Coen

Studio: Renaissance Pictures

Distributed by: New Line Cinema

Release date(s): October 15, 1981 (Premiere), April 15, 1983 (United States)

Running time: 85 minutes

Country: United States

Language: English

Budget: $350,000 – $400,000

Michigan State students, Ash, Scotty, Linda, Cheryl and Shelly, venture into the hills and mountains of Tennessee to spend a weekend in an isolated cabin. There they find The Book of the Dead (a fictional Sumerian text), otherwise known as „Naturan Demanto“ (referred to in the sequels as the „Necronomicon Ex-Mortis“). They also find and play a tape recording of demonic incantations from the book, unwittingly resurrecting malevolent demons and spirits. The demons start to isolate and kill them off, beginning with Cheryl (Ellen Sandweiss). Soon thereafter, Cheryl stabs Linda (Betsy Baker) in the ankle with a pencil. Scotty (Hal Delrich) fights with the possessed Cheryl and locks her in the basement. Afterwards, Shelly (Theresa Tilly) enters her room and is killed and possessed by a demon; now a deadite, she becomes psychotic and attacks Scotty, who dismembers her with an axe. Disturbed by Shelly’s death, Scotty proposes that he and Ash leave Linda behind to go find an alternate trail through the woods (because the bridge leading to the cabin was sabotaged by the evil force). Ash (Bruce Campbell) refuses to abandon Linda, so Scotty departs into the woods alone.

Ash goes to check on Linda, but finds that she too has become possessed and proceeds to taunt him. Scotty returns, but has suffered massive injuries inflicted upon him by the possessed trees. Before losing consciousness he tells Ash there is a trail in the woods. Cheryl and Linda laugh at their predicament, and Ash tries to shoot Linda, but hesitates. Linda suddenly revives momentarily from the possession and the same thing appears to happen to Cheryl. Ash almost frees her, but finds that she is still possessed when she attempts to strangle Ash through the cellar door. When Linda becomes possessed again, Ash drags her outside and locks her out of the cabin. He goes back to check on Scotty, but finds that he died from his injuries. Linda later sneaks in through the backdoor and attacks Ash with a dagger, but Ash manages to kill her with her own dagger. Ash buries Linda outside but she rises from the grave and Ash beheads her with a shovel. Ash returns inside and enters the cellar, to find shotgun ammunition. Hearing a noise from above, Ash goes to investigate. Cheryl appears from the window a demon had broken earlier and tries to take the shotgun from Ash, who shoots her in the shoulder. Cheryl tries to attack Ash through the door, but he shoots her in the face and barricades the door.

Scotty’s corpse revives to reveal that he has been possessed and advances on Ash, who tries to stop him by pelting him with furniture but to no avail. Scotty starts to throttle Ash, only to have his eyes gouged out. Ash notices that the Necronomicon has fallen near the fireplace and is starting to burn. Ash sees that Scotty’s body is starting to burn as well, suggesting that burning the book will also destroy the demons. Before he can reach it, Cheryl successfully breaks through the front door and knocks him down. Scotty pins Ash to the floor while Cheryl grabs a fireplace poker and repeatedly hits Ash in the back with it. Ash manages to grab the book after several attempts, using the necklace he had given to Linda earlier in the film, and throws it directly into the blazing flames just as Cheryl raises the fireplace poker to impale him. This prompts demons to leave the bodies of Cheryl and Scotty, and their corpses become inanimate and fall apart. Ash heads outside and stands in front of the cabin as an unseen evil speeds through the forest, breaks its way through the cabin doors, and descends upon Ash, who turns around and screams in terror.

The short film Within the Woods (1978) was made as a prototype to help convince possible investors to fund The Evil Dead. In it, the filmmakers experimented with techniques they would use in the feature. It shares plot elements with The Evil Dead and also stars Bruce Campbell and Ellen Sandweiss.

Raimi and Co. managed to secure a shooting budget of less than $375,000 and with the cast and crew, headed for a wilderness cabin in the woods near Morristown, Tennessee. The movie was shot over a period of about 1.5 years. Raimi used ‚Fake Shemps‘ or ’stand-ins‘ to replace the actors who had left. One of the only actors loyal to the project from the beginning was Bruce Campbell (also a producer of the film and Raimi’s childhood filmmaking partner), who went through torturous circumstances as the character ‚Ash.‘ According to the Evil Dead DVD commentary, he would often return home after a night of shooting in the back of a pick-up truck, as he was usually covered in fake blood made from a mixture of corn syrup, food coloring, and non-dairy coffee creamer.

Joel Coen served as an assistant editor on the film.

The film premiered on October 15, 1981, and was released in 128 theaters on April 15, 1983. The film was re-released in March 2010[7] as part of The Evil Dead Cross Country Tour,[8] which began in the NuArt Theatre in West Los Angeles.

Because of its graphic violence and terror, the original version of the movie was banned in several countries, including Finland, Germany, Iceland and Ireland. In Germany, the movie’s release was hindered by public authorities for almost 10 years. Original 1982 cinema and video releases of the movie had been seized, making the movie successful on the black market video circuit with pirated copies abounding. Several well-known horror enthusiasts publicly criticized the German ban on the movie, including author Stephen King (who gave it a rave review in the November 1982 issue of Twilight Zone). A heavily edited version was made available legally during 1992. In 2001, an uncut German DVD version was released, but the Berlin-Tiergarten Court ordered seizure of the DVD in April 2002 (Case Number 351 Gs 1749/02). In Finland, The Evil Dead was later released uncut on DVD by Future Film, and rated K-18. In the United Kingdom, the film was one of the first to be labeled a video nasty during the mid-1980s controversy over such movies and was finally released uncut in 2001.

When the film was re-submitted in the US for a rating in 1994, the MPAA classified it with an NC-17 rating. When the distribution company Elite Entertainment released the film on DVD in 1999, they retained the NC-17 version. Anchor Bay Entertainment has since acquired the DVD rights to the film, and their subsequent releases have surrendered the rating to allow them to release the film unrated.

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