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Blood Rites

Blood RitesDirected by: Andy Milligan

Written by: Andy Milligan, Hal Sherwood

Release date(s): 1968

Running time: 81 mins.

Country: United States

Language: English





Three sisters, Veronica, Victoria and Elizabeth, receive letters from their late father’s lawyer informing them of their father’s wish that they spend three nights in his house on an isolated island before his will can be read. They and their husbands William, Richard and Donald are met there by the two maids, Martha and Ruth, and a hunchback named Colin whom the audience has already seen murdering two people at the beginning of the film. While helping with the luggage Colin becomes angry and catches and eats a live rabbit. The remains of the rabbit are later found in Veronica and William’s bed, along with a note reading „Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit.“

Victoria and Robert find that someone has painted a large ‚X‘ in blood on their bedroom door. Robert and Donald go downstairs to investigate, but Donald collapses after being drugged. Robert investigates the cellar and sees someone he recognises. Shortly afterward, Victoria finds his body hanging by the ankles on the stairs. The next morning, while discussing what happened, Ruth asks Martha if she had tied up Colin that night.

Colin attempts to tell Victoria something but is interrupted by Martha and sent to chop firewood in the cellar with Donald (who is given a leather strap to use on Colin). Donald finds a plank of wood with a bloody ‚X‘ on it, but is attacked from behind, gagged and bound to a workbench before being disemboweled and cut in two by a hooded figure.

At dinner, the guests ask about Donald and Elizabeth’s whereabouts. When dinner is served, Elizabeth’s severed head is in the serving dish.

William goes into the cellar to investigate and finds a box and a photograph. Colin steals the photo from him, however, and William is then attacked and killed with a pitchfork by the hooded figure. Later, Martha finds Colin with the photo and realises what it means, but is killed with a hatchet. Colin tries to escape from the killer, but is set alight.

It is revealed that Ruth is in fact the fourth and eldest sister, and she had planned to kill the others and blame Colin so that she could claim the inheritance. Colin is still alive, however, and pushes her down the stairs, causing her hatchet to bury itself in her head. The two remaining sisters, Veronica and Victoria, are left staring in disbelief.

Blood Rites appeared on the infamous Video Nasties list in the 1980s.

Blood Rites1Blood Rites2Blood Rites3Blood Rites4



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