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The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) Review.

Studio: Six Entertainment Company
Director: Tom Six
Starring: Laurence R. Harvey, Ashlynn Yennie



The sequel begins with a scene off the first Human Centipede film, where you can see three people in the centipede stuck at Dr. Heiter’s house after Katsuro (Akihiro Kitamura) committed suicide (ending of the first film).  At the start, we are then introduced to the new character Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) who works as a security guard at a car park and he is sexually aroused by watching victims in the first Human Centipede film.  He is perhaps the weirdest and creepiest character I have seen in a recent Horror film, where he makes Dr. Heiter (Dieter Laser) seem like a Walt Disney character. Martin does not have a single line of dialogue throughout the film (other than laughing at victims and coughing) and he brutally attacks people at the car park area as if it was something casual for him.
Later on, we get to see that Martin lives with his mum where she contacts a doctor to come and visit Martin, as she is really concerned regarding Martin’s fondness to the Human Centipede with intentions of using 12 people. The doctor explains to Martin’s mum how these ideas might have developed due to the sexual abuse that Martin experienced as a child, which is why his father went to prison. During the film, you will discover that Martin has a large sketchbook with images of his plans to create a human centipede and images of Dr. Heiter off the first film. We already get to realize that Martin is very mentally disturbed and he admires watching his pet centipede, where he is always feeding it.
Martin’s mother is very harsh and abusive towards her son, where audiences can understand why Martin ended up sick and twisted as an adult. For instance, she uses a broom stick to bang the ceiling which gets her son beaten up by a violent neighbour, and with the addition of being abused as a child it is not surprising for how he turned out. Eventually, Martin’s mum goes under his bed to discover his sketchbook where she is repulsed by all the notes he wrote and rips it to shreds. This clearly gets Martin pissed off (the last thing you want to do to him) and commits a brutal act (you can guess what happens)…
After Martin attacks all his victims at the car park, he drives them into an isolated warehouse which is when the insanity starts to unleash. Martin finally starts to create his human centipede with all the 12 people he attacked, where he attaches each person ass to mouth with tape and stapling them.

If you intend on watching the sequel, then be well prepared to be horrified by certain scenes that can be stomach-turning. It is also highly recommended that all viewers watch this film with a barf bag and an empty stomach, particularly during the excrement consuming scene. (You will know what I mean whilst watching the movie).
Overall, I felt that Laurence R. Harvey delivered a great and terrifying performance as the creepy character “Martin” throughout the film and Tom Six certainly convinced his audience that the first film is like my little pony compared to part 2. (I’m intrigued to see what will happen when part 3 is released in 2013???)
If you are entertained by films that are both extremely gory and sick, then Human Centipede 2 is definitely up your alley. Although, if you are a mainstream Horror fan then I would suggest avoiding the sequel unless you are prepared to watch some very nauseating sequences.

Review by Adam Chabbi
Rating: 6/10

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