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„Inside“ (A l’interieur) (2007) Review

Inside (A l’interieur) (2007) Review.

Directors: Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury

Studio: La Fabrique De Films

Starring: Beatrice Dalle, Alysson Paradis, Nathalie Roussel

The opening of the film starts off with a pregnant woman known as Sarah (Paradis) being hit in a car crash, where she manages to survive. However, her husband dies at the incident.

As Christmas approaches, she is left alone with her expected foetus and is trying to get over the trauma she previously experienced a while back. On Christmas Eve night, a mysterious woman (Dalle) knocks on her door to insist on using her telephone, where Sarah invents excuses to prevent her from entering the house. However, this woman still refuses on leaving her alone and leads to Sarah contacting the police. The mysterious lady suddenly disappears when the police arrive, where Sarah only has photographs she took of the woman trying to break into her home as evidence. After the police have left Sarah’s home and request an officer to supervise the place, she is left thinking that everything is in safe hands and goes to lay down for a nap.

It is not till later where the mysterious lady pops out entering Sarah’s room to try and dissect her stomach open, as she tries to take her baby. Sarah wakes up immediately and runs out her bedroom, realizing that her only hiding place is the bathroom.

The carnage commences from there, where this psychotic character brutally attacks anyone that stands in her way (police officers, whoever) and will stop at nothing to capture Sarah’s foetus.

All I can mention is that the film is packed with great suspense throughout and it later becomes one hell of a messy bloodbath. Later on in the film, you will discover why Dalle’s character became a complete psychopath…

This French Horror flick is definitely a must see and gore fans will certainly not be disappointed. Beatrice Dalle delivers a terrifying performance as the mysterious character, who adds to the intensity of the film.

Review by Adam Chabbi

Rating: 8/10


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