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pyramid provabanner After 2 months of shooting and 5 months of post-production now the movie THE PYRAMID, from Director Alex Visani,  is completed and it will be screened in horror festivals.

This is the official trailer of the movie:

Synopsis: The Pyramid, an anthological horror flick divided into four different stories, all of which are connected by one object; a bizarre little pyramid. Over the centuries the pyramid has been the catalyst for wide-spread death and destruction and, after being lost for years, it has accidentally been reawakened to once again bring forth madness and mayhem.

There are four segments : Ritual (  directed by Alex Visani), Dream Door (by Luca Alessandro), Pestilence (by the duo Albanesi/Chiesa) and Apocalypse (by Antonio Zannone).  The first episode Ritual which is the opening of the entire movie. An unfortunate guy found the pyramid (we see, during a short intro the story of its creation by demons) and slowly becomes possessed by the infernal object. It’s a story of possession and struggle with evil forces with gore and also ironic moments. Raffaele Ottolenghi (who writes the episode with Alex Visani) and I were inspired by Clive Barker’s Books of Blood, Evil Dead 2 and there are some influences from Tales From The Crypt the serial.
After the conclusion of Ritual there’s a girl who came in to the possession of the pyramid and this is the beginning of Dream Door, the second story. In this case the influence was Notte Profonda (Deep Night) directed by Fabio Salerno, Wes Craven’s Nightmare On Elm Street and a bit of Hellraiser, of course. During the episode we will see the difficult relationship between a young girl and his boyfriend, who’s a comic artist, and the terrible effects of the pyramid on them. This is the most introspective segmet with a strange and allucinative dreaming atmosphere.

Then is the turn of Pestilence in which we’ll see the contagious effects of the pyramid, which now has gained great powers. It will spread an horrible sort of pestilence, in the vein of the masterpiece Prince of Darkness from the master John Carpenter. This is the most aggressive and full-packed action episode.

Then there’s Apocalyspe that will show us the ultimate effect of the previous pestilence. The world is near to the end, the human race is almost extinct but there’s a little hope still alive. A couple of post-nuclear knights that will fight to find and destroy the evil pyramid. Of course this epsiode is gory homage to post-atomic b-movies of the eighties.

The ambitious project is born from the collaboration of five young independent Italian directors: Alex Visani, Antonio Zannone, Luca Alessandro and the duo Roberto Albanesi & Simone Chiesa.
Each one of them will give birth to an episode of terror generated by the pyramid.

THE PYRAMID gather the strength and passion of this group of artists and represent the Italian independent scene in fact each one of the segments will be filmed in different parts of Italy to prove that horror is alive and kicking and take its wrath along all the country.

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