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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH: GIOVANNI LOMBARDO RADICE (House on the Edge of the Park, City of the Living Dead, Cannibal Ferox, Phantom of Death)

Giovanni Lombardo Radice InterviewGiovanni Lombardo Radice

Actor / Director / Writer – to some better known as John Morghen.
Most people call him „Johnny“ and that’s what he likes most.
Best known for his acting skills in cult classics from the 80’s like „House on the Edge of the Park“, „City of the Living Dead“, „Cannibal Ferox“, „Phantom of Death“, „Stage Fright“, „The Church“ and numerous other Classics… as well as his newer acting roles  and appearances in cool movies like „Gangs of New York“, „The Omen – Remake“ or the recently released and highly praised „A  Day in Violence“ by director Darren Ward.

TDH: Cheers and Greetings from Germany, Johnny! Very nice to have You here for an exclusive live-interview on Skype! I hope You have returned well back to Italy after the Dortmund Movie Convention „Movie Days“ where we saw You live on stage with Ruggero Deodato some days ago?“

GLR: „Yeah – Hi!! Nice to talk to You! Yeah – I have now returned back safely to Rome“

TDH: Welcome! Ok – then… Can I start with the interview right off?

GLR: „Yes – sure!“

TDH: Ok – our first Question is: when did You start Your movie career as an actor  and how did this happen ?“

GLR: „I started my movie career back in ’79 with „House on the Edge of the Park“ by Ruggero Deodato. I had been in the show business for some years in theatre. Before I wanted to be a dancer, but then I hurt my back badly… so I switched to stage work. And I had been working in theatre for a few years … and then very casually I met an agent- who was at that time Ruggero Deodato’s Mother-in-Law… and she asked me, if I was interested in making Movies. And so I said „Yes!“, because I was broke economically [both are laughing] and in a matter of days – because Ruggero was just preparing the movie at that time – I was introduced to him and he wanted me for the Movie.“

TDH: Ah ok I see – so THAT was the first movie that You actually did! I am always thinking about Lucio Fulci’s „City of the Living Dead“ Horror Flick (which is my personal favourite Fulci-Movie of all time) when I hear Your name… so I thought this was Your first movie in which You were starring – but now I know much better! [laughs]

GLR: „Yeah- exactly. My first movie was ‚House on the Edge of the Park‘ with Deodato and the second was with Fulci ‚City of the Living Dead‘.“

TDH: Ok – thanx for the history course! 🙂 The next Question is a little bit like a follow-up to this: How was the work with the great Lucio Fulci and did You have problems with him on the set ?

GLR: „No. Before shooting I heard a lot from other actors like „Oh be careful! He has a  very bad temper… he mistreats people…“ and so on… ! So I was a little bit scared before meeting him. But as a matter of fact NO – with me he was always very kind and very appreciated me and my work… because You know Fulci was a very cultivated man so he respected the fact that I was a theatre person and also I used to meet him socially, because we were both friend of another Italian director Duccio Tessari, who was having a very intense social Life in his house – by receiving people  almost every evening. So we usually met there.“

TDH: Ah ok  – so You were friends with him ?

GLR: „Mmmmm – I don’t was very well him, but I must admit that I saw him in a very bad temper and that he was terrible… and that he could really mistreat people…“

TDH: Yes I understand… but with You his relationship was good, right ?

GLR: „Yes absolutely!“

Johnny Morghen a.k.a. Giovanni Lombardo Radice

TDH: I am asking You this, because I recently saw the documentary „Paura“ – which You know for sure –  where all the interviews are included and it’s really a great documentary about Fulci and his character reputation.


GLR: „Ah You mean the one that Mike Baronas did ?“

TDH: Yeah exactly!  And I also remember that most of the actors inside this documentary stated that Fulci was a very cultivated man and in private he was sometimes some kind of a sarcastic character, but at the same time also sometimes a happy Person?

GLR: „Yes he was a very cultivated man indeed. Regarding his sarcastic character I mean he was a very sober man – probably because of a lot of bad things that happened in his personal life like his daughter falling from a horse and breaking her back very badly… and his wife committing suicide. So he had a lot of personal reasons not be very happy… but in another way he was a very pleasant man. I mean I was the only one actor, with whom he was shooting and having dinner with…“[both are laughing]

TDH: Oh ok – so that speaks for You, Johnny! [laughing] My next question is: Regarding the in-famous driller scene in „City of the Living Dead“ by Fulci – or here in Germany we call this Movie „Ein Zombie hing am Glockenseil“ (about which You might have heard often enough I think… )this scene really made You in a special kind of context „famous“. So I would like to know from You: Was the scene, where the driller is digging through Your head, really painful ? I don’t mean this only in a physical way, but much more the requirements regarding the old effects ?

Italy's whipping boy Giovanni Lombardo Radice

GLR: „Ah Yeah – the famous Drilling Scene! Everybody thinks so that this scene was the most painful… I know 🙂 [laughing] But as a  matter of fact I made many difficult deaths and some of them were quite painful… but the most painful thing about that drilling scene was the casting of the head itself! Cause at that time they used to make it just in one long block – I mean they were just covering Your entire Face with concrete and let it harden… and thus You could only breathe through stroons and it was a really suffocating and terrible sensation… but apart from the scene itself wasn’t painful. The only thing was that the table, on which I was leaning on, was too low – so I could do that only because I was trained as a dancer … so I could move my aching back off it at the right time.“

TDH: Aaaah  – so You had the perfect skills for this scene thanks to Your career background as a dancer!

GLR: „Yeah exactly. And… Venantino Venantini was a little bit rough though, but the special effect in itself was quite simple as a matter of face thus.“

TDH: Ok – I see! Yeah… because this question was concerning the old special effects as I believe that in the Golden Age of Horror Films of the 80’s all these effects were hand-made You know and I like this stuff much more as these effects are more realistic than the new CGI Stuff and Special effects used nowadays… I also like some some special effects nowadays, but I think the old Horror movies still have the best effects… and it creates a different kind of atmosphere.

GLR: „Yes – I agree!“

TDH: Ok – I am shooting the next question: My personal Movie with You as an actor is Cannibal Apocalypse. I liked Your acting most in this flick. What do You think is the best movie that You participated in and why ?

GLR: „Yeah – so is mine! It’s Cannibal Apocalypse [both are laughing] In terms of the horror ones this along with „House at the Edge of the Park“.  And with regard to the other stuff I made besides Horror… I was quite proud of my role as King Herold in ‚The Bible Episode of King Paul‘.“

TDH: Ah yes – I just saw that on Your Facebook-Account in Your personal movie Trailer – with Shakespeare at the end of the clip! Very cool – I liked that ending very much!

GLR: „Yeah, Yeah !“ [both laughing]

Cannibal Apocalypse,  AsphaltkannibalenTDH: Ok! The next question is: How about the work with Ruggero Deodato – Your first director ? You seem to have a very good relationship with him as I saw You on stage at the Dortmund Convention „Movie Days“ recently and also at some other events…

GLR: „Yes Yes – very good – very good!! With Ruggero we are very in touch, we are having projects together – for movies to come… and we have been attending conventions together. You know he’s a friend! We are having a very good relationship.“

TDH: Yeah – very cool – I also like his work as a director very much! Is Ruggero also living in Italy like You?

GLR: „Yes – he is also living  here in Rome – like me!“

TDH: Ah Yes! Ok – we continue straight with the next question… it is a little bit off-topic: What is Your personal music taste, Johnny ?

GLR: „Well – hhhmm – I just go for Classic and Opera! I was never in touch with my geneation’s music… Even when  I was teenager I wasn’t listening to rock or all that stuff. You know I was concentrating, because I was starting ballet and so I was in classical music and opera. And what I also do like are Musicals.“

TDH: Ah very interesting Johnny! Then the perfect role for You would have been in „Opera“ by Dario Argento I think… regarding Your career… [laughing]

GLR: „Yeah – Yeah !!“ [laughing, too] „I do also like some melodic stuff like Frank Sinatra or special songs.“

TDH: Yes – I understand. Ok  – the next question is regarding movie conventions: Will You also be attending the „Weekend of Horrors“ event in Bottrop this year (if it is taking place at all… nobody knows this yet) ?

GLR: „No – sorry – I can’t go –  as I have other engagements.“

Johnny Morghen a.k.a. Giovanni Lombardo Radice

THD: Sorry to hear that, but I can understand it very well as You stick to a full and very strict time schedule as I know. Ok – and here we go with the next question, Johnny: I heard a lot about Your acting role in one of Your last movies called ‚A Day of Violence’… was it a very good experience for You ?

GLR: „Yes it was – because it was a cameo Role. You know the director Darren Ward shot the movie with a crew of friends and they were all very professional I must say. But they were working with him on weekends and so the shooting of the movie itself took over one year! So they could not afford it to fly me over all the time and give me a big role due to that fact. So I made a cameo role at the beginning of the movie, but it was fun. It was a funny character of a horrible old drug dealer – a dirty dirty old man! Of course he is dying terribly with his throat slashed… 🙂 And Darren Ward is a very nice person – we became friends – we are planning to make another movie – so I can only say YES! – it was a very nice experience!“

THD: Ah ok – very cool! You know I am looking very forward to this movie, cause I have heard a lot of good reactions and read very positive reviews regarding this Movie… but unfortunately haven’t had the chance to view it now!

GLR: „Yes – it won a lot of awards. I think it must also be out in Germany right now or very soon.“

TDH: Thanx for the info – I will definitely have to check this out as soon as possible and we are also planning to do an interview with the director Darren Ward here soon on our Website! That would be a great pleasure for us, too.
Ok – but now up to the next question: Is there a special movie or movie genre, in which You would like to participate as an actor and have not had the chance to yet ?

GLR: „Well… You know I go for scripts! When a script is good, it’s fine…! I would like to be in a western, because I ride pretty well! I also like Pirate movies – as I like costumes! And I would like it very much to become DRACULA!“

TDH: Oh Yes – I can imagine this! You being DRACULA would be very cool! [both are laughing] Ok – and now for the next question: I heard from our common friend and director TIMO ROSE that You are maybe participating in his newest upcoming movie called „MemorieZ“ ? What can You tell us about this?

GLR: „Well… he is sending me the script soon. So if it’s ok, YES!“

TDH: Ah – I think this would be very cool! And You also have another project with Timo Rose? I heard some rumours You know… [laughing]

John Morghen aka Johnny

GLR: „You know I keep receiving projects from Germany, from England… and from the United States. And most of them are good. Problem seems to be that the financing is not always so easy and therefore I cannot say more about this right now.“

TDH: Yes – the old problem [laughs] – I know so. This is a common problem and in almost all different scenes of the movie genre this seems to be a very difficulty task…

GLR: „Yeah exactly – so what happens is that many times the projects just got stuck and they just don’t happen. So I don’t know right now what’s happening… and as for now – allthough I didn’t sign it yet – but I received for example a very good offer from United States for a movie, but nothing signed, nothing decided yet… nothing for sure yet.“

TDH: So nothing for sure yet – ok. Maybe we can do a follow-up of the interview then, if it takes place… [laughs]

GLR: [laughs]  „Noone really knows what’s happening…!“

TDH: Yesss! The next question is a little bit off-topic again. It concerns the so-called „Internet-Bashing“ or anonymous Posting-Shit on internet movie boards… what is Your personal opinion about this and have You ever been a target of this kind of anti-advertising, too ? For example You know – director Uwe Boll has been one of the most-bashed directors on the internet of all time….

GLR: „Anoynmous Posting ? I am not receiving this kind of anti-promotion. I don’t know about this internet bashing thing regarding myself. You know I am only on Facebook – and on Facebook You have friends. So You have people You know. Fortunatley that never happened to me.“

THD: Ah ok – then it’s better – not to be involved in this nonsense! [laughs] Now up for the last and final question: What are Your personal plans for the future, Johnny ?

GLR: „Ah You know I really live day by day… I don’t know what’s happening next. So I really don’t know – as I told You – I have many contacts with directors from all over the world… and I am just going to see what happens.“

TDH: Yeah – I totally understand – same situation like most of us here know… [laughs] You cannot plan everything when You are in our business. Especially in the movie business it’s not possible to plan anything at all.“

GLR: „No – that’s not possible – not right now.“ [laughs].

TDH: Ok Johnny – that was the final question of our interview… but if You would like add something or to tell something special to our readers, feel free to do that now….

GLR: „Hmmmm – I wanna speak out my Love to them and tell them my best wishes for everything!“

TDH: Well thank You very much for this kind and very cool interview, Johnny! It really was a pleasure and a big honour for me to have You here as interview partner for our Website!

GLR: Ok. Yeah – Thanx to You , Steve! Let’s keep in touch and best wishes!

Here is a Video from Giovanni displaying his Movie career as an actor:


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 [Interview conducted by Mr. Diabolo live via Skype on: 27th. of March 2013]

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