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DVD Review: Celluloid Bloodbath – More Prevues from Hell! (2012)

DVD Cover Celluloid Blood Bath - More Prevues from Hell! English Review
Celluloid Bloodbath – More Prevues from Hell!
Medium Source: DVD
Release Year: 2012
Directed by: Jim Monaco, James F. Murray Jr.
Written by: James F. Murray Jr., Nick Pawlow
Running Time: 103 minutes

Cast: Linnea Quigley, Caroline Munro, Joe Zaso, William Forsythe, 42nd Street Pete, Amy Lynn Best, Raine Brown, Ginger Lynn Allen, Michelle Bauer, Conrad Brooks, April Monique Burril, Darian Caine, Art Ettinger, Ken Kish, the mysterious „Happy Goldsplatt“ and many many more!

Synopsis/Content: The long-awaited sequel to 1987’s horror cult classic, MAD RON’S PREVUES FROM HELL. An awesome collection of 62 over-the-top horror movie prevues, from the golden Grindhouse age, spanning the 1960’s through the 1980’s! Also features commentary from film makers, actors, critics and fans, that make this a true, incredibly entertaining, one-of-a-kind movie-going experience!


As I am a big admirer and fan of the Grindhouse genre and all kinds of independent flicks, I immediately asked a friend of mine to get me a copy of this new Grindhouse Collection from the United States!
And when it finally arrived here, I was very excited… and have not been disappointed! It was worth the long waiting time… So here is my Review!

Before I go into deeper detail I would like to give You a short definition of the Title „Celluloid Bloodbath“ first:

DEFINITION: ‚Celluloid‘ – Motion picture film, cinema film. ‚Bloodbath‘ – Savage, indiscriminate killing, a massacre.

DSCF7799The directors James F. Murray Jr. and Jim Monaco are taking You onto a Trip through over 62 Horror Movie Prevues from the Golden Age of Grindhouse and Drive-In-Movie Madness! This fine compilation can be compared to the „Grindhouse Trailer Classics“ Collections from NUCLEUS Films (UK) in one way, which I also love very much… but there is even more packed inside this fine Compilation: here we also have a very large Cast of many famous, infamous & special persons – You could also use the term „insiders“ here, who comment on the different Movie Trailers in a very interesting and sometimes also funny way! And between all the different Trailers there is also a Hell lot of funny comics and cartoons to laugh Your ass off! 🙂

281242_1687071036844_1839737291_1139164_2740387_nThe makers of this fine Compilation have created their very own „Cryptkeeper“ in good old classic Tales from the Crypt style here… A Zombie puppet called „Happy GoldSplatt“, which adds some spice to the long journey through forgotten Times in Video History! So this is the perfect entertaining combination between the rough and sometimes very serious Grindhouse-Trailers (which are often over-dubbed with way too dark Voices! *g*) and the funny Dark Humour Side! I enjoyed this compilation very much and You can immediately see & feel that the Directors and Writers of this Compilation wanna share their love for the Horror, Grindhouse and Exploitation Genre Movies together with You – the audience and fans! This Movie comes straight from the heart and You can feel it! They know the little stories behind each movie and hidden facts of the genre – and You will get a perfect education into all the different categories of the Grindhouse and Exploitation movie genre!

LinneaThis is really an Over the Top Compilation as the details are very interesting and sometimes funny at the same time, too! It is rather a Compilation filled with Extras than a Documentary. The Compilation is divided into the following differnt groups of flicks: „Monsters“, „Vampire Horrors“, „Blaxploitation Horrors“, „Madness“, „Body Parts that Kill (!!)“, „Psychos“,  „Killer Animals“ (introduced by the seducing and super-hot Scream Queen Darian Caine, who is looking better than ever before!), „T & A Horrors“, „Women treated badly“, „Cannibal Horrors“ and last but not least the glorious final Chapter „Dario Argento Films“!

You can also clearly see that many of these films  did have a great influence and impact on the movie industry of today… and that they served as inspirations for many  well-known movie directors nowadays. „Sugar Hill“ is one of my favourite Blaxploitation Trailers and so is „Psycho from Texas“ when it comes to the Psychos-Genre! I also discovered some „new“ old Movies through this great Trailer-Compilation, of which I even did not have a clue that they existed before… and I am sure most of You will also experience this nice side-effect after You have watched this cool Compilation! So this is a perfect Round-Up and a great Compilation for every collector and fan of the grindhouse movies! It should not be missed in Your collection! Of course the Trailer of „The Gore Gore Girls“ by the Godfather of Gore Herrschel Gordon Lewis also is a Must-See as well as the notorious „Eyeball“, which You will not watch twice I guess 🙂
A funny thing in this Compilation was one Trailer, in which a new Hi-Tech invention called „Duo Vision“ was introduced to the audience, but not very surprisingly it never turned out to be useful at all and therefore we never heard about this again…!

100_8710The big Cast of different Stars and Professionals of the Industry gives this Compilation the special Touch! For example Scream Queen „Darian Cane“ spices up this documentary with her undeniably hot Sex-Appeal as well as many other Female Actresses and Scream Queens! Moreover horror freaks and Insiders like „Johnny Legend“ and „Art Ettinger“ (from Ultra Violent Magazine) are giving great Comments on cult classics like „Drive-in Massacre“. And even Jesse Hess – The son of great Actor David Hess – also appears shortly with some comments!

There have also been added some Interviews with Horror Movie Stars between the Trailers – these have been recorded on Conventions and You get a real good live-feeling when watching them. The story plot itself is very well written and I did not have one boring minute when watching this. At the end of the journey – Zacherly – the cool Ghoul – makes the perfect cut and „fade out“ to the ending credits!

CellBathMainRegarding the Disc Properties:
The Cover Artwork is great and the DVD-Menu also has a fine touch of 70’s and 80’s Nostalgia! What I especially loved here is the great classic Intro right at the Start of the Collection with the blood-animated Logo showing „Celluloid Bloodbath“ on an old movie theatre! Very classy and stylish! Unfortunately this Movie has not been released in Europe yet, but You can watch it via V.O.D. on NETFLIX or order the full DVD straight from the United States via Online Stores.


To make a long story short: This Trailer Compilation really kicks Ass and I cannot wait to review the first Part called „Mad Ron’s Previews from Hell“ as soon as I have received my copy from director and writer Mr. James F. Murray Jr.! It is a very well done Compilation!!

There is only one point I would like to „criticize“ in this compilation – but this is only a very personal one – so don’t take this too seriously:
Where is  the special section for LUCIO FULCI ? 🙂 Being a FULCI-Fan I cannot take it, that You have only included DARIO ARGENTO, but not the Godfather of Gore, too *g*

Rating: 9/10


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