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DVD Review: „The Orphan Killer“ (2011) Unrated US-DVD 2012

the orphan killer dvd front cover English Review
Title: The Orphan Killer
Source: DVD (Unrated US-Version 2012)
Director: Matt Farnsworth
Writer: Matt Farnsworth

Country:  USA

Language:  English

Release Date: October 2011 (USA)

Also Known As:  Sibling: Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer

Production Company: Full Fathom 5
Stars: Diane Foster, David Backus, Matt Farnsworth, John Savage (Cameo)


The Orphan Killer is a tour de force murder flick that defies classification. It goes far beyond current trends in gore and breaks open a new suffering genre of horror. Marcus Miller is a serial murderer hellbent on teaching his estranged sister Audrey what it means to have family loyalty. His lessons are taught in massive doses of vulgar and unimaginable pain. Throughout her brutal torture we learn that Marcus is not the only Miller with Killer in the bloodline as Audrey proves to be a formidable adversary. [ Written by Full Fathom 5 Productions ]


Watch out: Psycho-Maniac-From-Hell „Marcus Miller“ is on a Killing Spree!!

The Orphan Killer is a blood-drenched Horror Inferno banned on Celluloid – and also banned in Germany! 😉
This Movie is combining the Slasher and Splatter/Gore Genre in an unique style and goes way beyond everything! You can easily say that this movie is taking the Slasher Genre to new Dimensions with all its shocking brutality and violent Scenes! It is a non-stop Slasher-Thriller and the Blood Effects are first class handmade – here You don’t get to see any CGI-Stuff that most horror movies nowadays contain… and this is the most important thing here as we did not expect less from a Movie that has already been rumoured to be one of the hardest of its kind! And Yes – the rumours are proven to be true indeed!

David Beckus and Diane Foster

Marcus Miller and Audrey

The main character „Marcus Miller“, which the highly talented director Matt Farnsworth has chosen here, will remind You a lot of many different movie icons like Michael Meyer from „Halloween“, Jason from „Friday the 13th.“, Leatherface from  „The Texas Chainsaw Massacre “ and the weird mask of the Killer also reminds me of the latterly released „Laid to Rest“-Series! But the also very violent „Laid to Rest“-Series looks like Disneyland compared to The Orphan Killer!
You could describe the movie as the reincarnation of a classic Slasher-Movie and Psycho-Bloodbath of the 80’s with much more heavy Gore- and Splatter-Effects!
I think the Godfather of Gore Lucio Fulci (R.I.P.) himself would have shaked hands with Matt Farnsworth regarding the hand-made Special Effects!
The sister of Marcus – Audrey – is played by the gorgeous and sexy Diane Foster, who is also doing a great job here and has the potential to become the new Scream-Queen, if You ask me!
There is also a cameo of  cult icon John Savage (Bad Company, The Godfather Part III) in it! The cast is well selected by director Matt Farnsworth and the movie has been co-produced by Diane Foster, which shows that she is not only a good actress, but also a great Producer… as the Orphan Killer’s production is very well done! Thanx to Matt Farnsworth the Screenplay is brilliant here too and the tension of this movie is over the Top! I did not have the time to go for a Pee as the movie was way too thrilling and interesting to leave it even for a minute!

Marcus Miller the Orphan Killer and Diane Foster playing his sister Audrey

David Beckus and Diane Foster

And allthough this is a B-Movie with regard to the type of Budget,  You cannot tell that it’s really B when it comes to Cinematography, High Quality Cams and top-notch hand made Splatter-Effects! It is much more that I had even expected from an Independent Horror Movie!
Here You can see that good movies don’t really need a big budget like Hollywood to look even better! TOK is the best example for this and regarding its Violence it also goes beyond everything that Hollywood dictates to Movie Producers! That’s for sure and so it is no wonder that Movie has not been rated yet in any way! 🙂

The 82 minutes running time are very fast elapsing over Your Screen and leave You with no Question. The ending scene leaves some room for a sequel and so we can expect a follow-up of this soon!
The storyline  is not that new, but who the Hell cares ? It is simple and straight – as it should be in a Classic Slasher-Movie! I cannot understand some critics, who only complain about this – has Friday the 13th for
Example had the best and most elaborated story of that time? I don’t think so! You don’t need to go to University to understand a Slasher Movie!

This Movie is a Slasher Movie and the director is obviously paying Tribute here to all the Movies and directors, which have brought this genre to what it is today!
Regarding the soundtrack, which represents a collection of many hard Bands differing from Death Metal, Nu Metal to Black Metal, I enjoyed this very much as well! But this might not be everybody’s taste… but in my opinion it fits well to the Movie!

The only critics I have to make here is that sometimes the Music is way too over-used and overloaded… it is too loud, when Marcus Miller appears for one of his next killing attacks – I think a little bit less would have done much better here – as You know „less is more“ in such cases! The Movie already bears a good atmosphere in itself and some creepy Soundeffects would have made these Scenes even more thrilling.
By the way: My favourite track is the new Version of „Cry little Sister“ right at the beginning of the movie, when the car is crossing the big Bridge… very nice detail, Mr. Farnsworth! 🙂
It perfectly fits to the relationship of Marcus Miller and his sister… and also pays tribute to one of the best Horror Movies „The Lost Boys“ from the Golden 80’s, which I also like very much!

The Orphan Killer Slasher Movie

The Orphan Killer (2011)

So… To make a long story short: I have not seen anything brutal and violent like this in the last time regarding Slasher Movies – the only exception would be the great „Adam Chaplin“, but You cannot compare these
2 movies with each other, as „Adam Chaplin“ is a Blood Ritual of CGI-Effects, which I also like… but here we have a completely different story and type of work. The hand made effects are one of the best I have seen in years and even Tom Savini will love them I guess!

But do not expect too much story or a too detailed character description here – this is not what You will get when watching the Orphan Killer! But it doesn’t do bad in my opinion – to the Opposite:
This Movie is a Present from Mr. Farnsworth to all blood-sucking-Maniacs out there! And to be honest: who needs an over-rated long story in a bloody Slasher-Movie ?
Watching the Orphan Killer is like „Leatherface going on a Psycho-Killing-Spree!“ – and there are no Holds barred!! This Movie really is a Must-See for all Gorehounds and Slasher-Fans out there!
But beware: This movie is not for the faint of heart and so consult Your doctor, if You experience any unknown side-effects when watching this 😉

I enjoyed this Movie very much and for me it represents the Start of a new area in Extreme EnterPainment, which director Matt Farnsworth has created here with a Hell lot of „orphanic“ Work!! Big Thumbs Up for this, Man!
This movie will hopefully have a potential blast on the Lame Stream Movie industry from Hollywood that is based on creating lame Re-Makes and useless Horror Sequels since the last century… and TOK turns the whole industry around with one big Bang! Go get this movie as long as You can… downloadable on Itunes in Full HD!

Director Matt Farnsworth and Actress Diane Foster

Director Matt Farnsworth and Actress Diane Foster

Hollywood will hate this Movie and the typical Horror Press will hate it, too – but You will love it, if You are a Gorehound!
So let them all complain… while You are relaxing on Your Sofa with Your friends, some beers and enjoy The ORPHAN KILLER kicking Hollywood’s Ass straight to Hell!

Watch out for an exclusive Video-interview that we will be doing with director Matt Farnsworth and Diane Foster very soon here on The Daily Horror!

Rating: 9 / 10


Special Note for our German Readers:
As this extreme Movie is banned in Germany – as You might already know – I would recommend everyone to check out the iTunes Store of T.O.K. for downloading it completely unrated and uncut!
This Movie is way too good to be treated like a prohibited bottle of whiskey in the Past… so make Your way through the internet and support the Creators by downloading it via iTunes!
If You choose to import the DVD from the United States through the official The ORPHAN KILLER Webstore, You are running the risk of having the movie confiscated by German authorities…

For all readers & residents from other Countries:

The Orphan Killer can also be ordered on the official ORPHAN KILLER WEBSTORE of Matt Farnsworth for a very reasonable low Price – and there is also a special Package, which contains 2 T-Shirts and a special signed
Double-DVD (the unrated Version together with a sensational free Full Soundtrack-CD-Audio) –  I can highly recommend You this Special Pack – very good Quality for a very reasonable Price!
Cheerz and get ready for the Orphan Killer… there will be BLOOD !!!



[Reviewed by Mr. Diabolo]

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