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Exclusive Interview with Director and Special FX Magician MARCUS KOCH from Florida

Today THE DAILY HORROR enters Florida and dives deeper into the gory crocodile rivers of this territory… 😉
And we are very happy and proud to announce that we have conducted a new & very special interview with one of our favourite directors on The Daily Horror!
It is the incredible Master of FX and director MARCUS KOCH from Florida… which most of You might already know from great Movies like „100 Tears“ and the new „American Guinea Pig“ for example. So here we go!! Enjoy 🙂

TDH: Cheers Marcus! First of all please tell our readers who You are and a little bit history
about Your Movies and FX career!

Marcus Koch exclusive Interview

Director & Special FX Master Marcus Koch

MARCUS KOCH: Hello ! Thanks for Having me! Growing up, my parents had always taken me to see horror movies at the drive in, becuase that’s what they loved to watch at the movies. and we rented VHS tapes from the local store, I just fell in love with the horror genre, by the age of 7 I knew I was really good with drawing and making things with clay, as well as good with card tricks, I loved magic and illusions, I wanted to be either an artist of a magician when I grew up, but watching horror movies, particulary slasher films, I was always interested in, not so much seeing people die in horrible ways, but how they acheived these grousome FX, like a good magic trick, I wanted to know how they did it. it just blew my mind to know, someone gets paid to do that for a living ? sign me up that is what i wanted to do! it combined art, with magic, with my love of horror. I would read the end credits to find out the names of the people who made all these disgusting fx. thats how I learned about Rick Baker, Dick Smith, Rob Bottin, AND Tom Savini, and around age 7 my dad got a video camera, and I would steal it while he was at work, and make little FX experiments with different things like flour and water dough, and would use it as fake skin. and would film them, so I could see how it looked on the TV, then I started making little short stories to go with a new effect I was trying out. and started useing the neighborhood friends as „actors“ and subject them to horrible things, like covering them in ketchup and red food coloring and and film them. So thats where it all started for me, It was my own type of film school, becuase I learned along the way, how to do things, and what worked and what didn’t work, and how to deal with actors, and each little project I would tackle something different. It was an amazing experince!

TDH: All right, Mr. Koch! As we know …. You are not only directing and doing Special FX on Horror Movies: Your great flick „FELL“
for a example is a drama and I liked it very much. Do You like to experience with different kinds of genres and how much do You love the horror genre ?

Director Marcus Koch special Feature on The Daily Horror

Marcus Koch’s Works

MARCUS KOCH: Mostly all I watch is horror films, no matter how low budget, But I also love really dark dramas, or psychological films, With FELL, I was sort of burnt out on all the gore and just wanted to do somehting that was simple to shoot, and focus more on story and character development. I am a huge fan of movies like Repulsion, the Tenent, Chasing Sleep and Clean Shaven, so I really wanted to make a film that focused on someone’s mental sickness and decent into insanity. FELL is actually a film I am very proud of, we had a budget of less than 500 dollars, one location, and 4 actors. it was the best film experince I’ve had, it’s strange to say, but it’s a film that everytime I burn a copy for someone, I end up sitting down and watching the whole thing when I check the disk, its odd to me, but when I watch it, I don’t feel as if I was the one who made it. and its just a film I really love and the type of film I would recommend to people to seek out.

TDH: Yeah I can understand that… Which movies where Your main inspiration? (Horror, but also others)

MARCUS KOCH: All of them! Growing up, everything I watched inspired me, but the ones that really stuck out for me, were the evil dead films, Bad Taste, and Frankenhooker, and even John Waters early films, I loved films that were down and dirty low budget, but succeeded with a good mix of humor and gore.

TDH: Very cool selection, mate! Regarding Your newest participation in „American Guinea Pig“: how did the idea come up and how much where You involved in this super-gory Project ?

Director Marcus Koch special Feature on The Daily Horror

Special FX by Marcus Koch

MARCUS KOCH: American Guinea Pig is the brainchild of Stephen Biro of UNEARTHED FILMS, the man responcible for officially bringing the orginal japense Guinea Pig films to the united states, he’d been in talks with the orignal producers about continuing the series. it’s been a long road, but he finally got the green light, The first film, Stephen directed, its based on the flowers of flesh and blood, and that is called Bouque of Guts and Gore, and is going to be the only film to connected to the orginal series, more or less bridge the gap, and kick things off with a bang! becuase that’s the one film most people remember from guinea pig. was the girl getting systematically chopped up while still alive. from this point the new series can go any number of wild directions, all of them will be quite extreme in one way or another. Stephen had been talking to me about this for a few years now, about wanting me involved for the FX since I specialize in extreme gore. so i’ve been involved fro mthe begining, once he figured out the story he wanted to do, and what direction he wanted to start off with. and the budget in place, we started figureing out, how we were going to approach it. Everyone knows the film for its extreme FX, and some how we needed to step up the gore and make this even more extreme.

TDH: Can You please tell our gore-hungry readers more about this brandnew flick ?
I have not watched it yet, but I heard many people say that it is a very hard and raw Flick, which get
back to the basics. The Teaser that I saw reminded me a lot of one of my favourite Movies „Last House
on Dead End Street“ from the atmosphere and the setting…

Director Marcus Koch special Feature on The Daily Horror

Special F/X by Marcus Koch

MARCUS KOCH:  Its definitely disturbing and unsettling to watch, its extremely intense and unrelenting, Stephen knew this had to be raw and visceral, and make you question, should I be watching this? what kind of person am I foreven wanting to watch this?, aside from handling the gore FX, I also edited the film, we split editing duties, while I was editing the first half, steve did a rough cut of the second half, to help save time, then i took his cut, and did a final pass on it. but it was a month of non stop torture, there were times we both had to step away from the computer to get away from it. watching it all put together is one thing, its 73 minutes of violent atrocity , and dismemberment, and thats an endurance test to sit and watch it all in one crack. but. editing the film day in and day out for hours at a time, really started to fuck with my head. even tho I know it’s all fake, and everyone is good friends and we had a blast making it.. it just became too much, I felt like Alex in clockwork orange, being subjected to the horrors and not being able to turn away from it. really started to feel sick to my stomach. …as far as the the connection to Last house on Dead end Street, it is just coincidental, we didn’t really realize it until we were on set shooting, between the combination of the masked killers, the girls tied to the bed, and the assortment of tools layed out, Jim Vanbebber was up shooting from a high angle and said holy shit, this looks straight out of Last House on dead end street, also Jim Vanbebber’s style of shooting is very much like Roger Watkins style, hand held and raw 8mm film. so I think its a good nod to LHODES, as well as Flowers of Flesh and Blood, and who knows? maybe Flowers of Flesh and Blood was partly inspired by Last House?

TDH: Haha 🙂 Yeah that may be also possible and I guess Roger Watkins (R.I.P.) would be happy to read this here. Regarding Your self-directed independent Movies: my favourite one from You still is „100 Tears“. Will there be a Follow-Up of this coming up in the next years ?

MARCUS KOCH: Its Possible there may be a 200 Tears in the near future, I’d love to do a follow up, but right now I have so many other films I’m handling fx for it’s hard to get back into directing, I’m also slated to direct the next installment of American Guinea Pig, can’t give out many of the details just yet, but it’ll be something completely different from Bouque of Guts and Gore, it’ll still be quite an extreme film, but in different ways.

TDH: Ah yes – that would be great! On which Projects are You currently working ?

Marcus Koch 100 Tears director from Florida

Special FX by Marcus Koch

MARCUS KOCH: Last night i just wrapped FX on a film called „the Call Girl Kill Off“ leave tomorrow for alabama, to do FX for „The Hospital Part 2“, then I go to Ohio, to do FX for „Her Name is Torment 2 and 3“ back to back, then I come home to do FX for a film called „Crazy Lake“ a slasher film, then we start preproduction for Blood Shock, which will be my film for American Guinea Pig.

TDH: Are You in contact with other Directors from Germany ?

MARCUS KOCH: I occasional Talk to Timo Rose, I’d Love to work with him, also was a huge fan of Andreas Schnaas, and Back in 2003 , I got to work for him on his first film shot in america called Niko’s the Impaler. I’d Love to Meet Jorg Buttgereit, and Olaf ittenbach. big fan of those guys .

TDH: Ah cool – yes I am guessing that Timo himself is reading this here right now, too 🙂 What are Your Plans for the Future ?

MARCUS KOCH:: Definitely too keep Making films hopefully directing more, I think I love directing way more then I love FX, would be a nice relaxing break, to let someone else take over the FX work so I could focus on directing. but I dont think I could work on something and not get my hands in the blood !

TDH: Is there a real Independent Scene existing in Your Area ?

Director Marcus Koch special Feature on The Daily Horror

Marcus Koch and his gory Worx 🙂

MARCUS KOCH: Saddly not really much in the way of an independent scene around me, there are a few filmmakers here in Florida, I work with on a regular Basis, Sean Donohue who did Die Die Delta Pi, and Chris Woods and John Miller who did Amerikan Holokaust. but thats about it.

TDH: The last Words are Yours… send Greetings or Hate to anyone You like 🙂

Director Marcus Koch special Feature on The Daily Horror

Director and Special FX Guy Marcus Koch from Florida

MARCUS KOCH: All in All , I’ve been pretty fortunate and lucky , to figure out what it was that I wanted to do with my life as early as I did, and I’ve never turned back, I’ve met some amazing people along the way, and made new friends across the globe, I’m happy people appreciate my work, and support me , it keeps me pushing forward, I may not ever be rich, and wealthy, becuase I don’t make films becuase I think it’s a quick way to make money, I do this becuase I love horror movies, and special effects, it lets me be creative and have fun doing it. I wouldnt change what I do for the world. even when some of my films get bad reviews, my films are with out their flaws, and if only 1 person likes my films, then I see it as not having 1 fan, but 1 new friend.

TDH: Many thanks for this cool interview, Marcus! We appreciate Your work very much!!

MARCUS KOCH: Thank You very much – the pleasure was all mine, too!

— Interview conducted by Mr. Steve Del Diabolo // Courtesy of TheDailyHorror ™ —

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