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New Found Footage Series „NATURE“ by Timo Rose – Exclusive first Sneak Peek Review!

Timo Rose's Nature The Series

Timo Rose’s „Nature“ – The Series

– The worlds first FOUND FOOTAGE / Documentary Series –

Starring Max Evans

Created by Timo Rose
Produced by New Flesh Films
Edited by Kai E. Bogatzki
Music by Myra
Special Make-Up Effects by Mai Huynh

German Director Timo Rose (Mutation, Rigor Mortis, Space Wolf, Game Over, Reeperbahn) tests his skills as a director again in his newest Series called „NATURE“.
This time it’s not a Horror Movie by him – nor a Crime related Theme he is producing (like in his latest Project „Reeperbahn“), but it is a brand new Found Footage Series,
which is a premier of its kind in this way. Allthough the concept of „Found Footage“ may not be new at all after Blair Witch Project and all its several clones, but in this case
the situation and motivation is very different here: this is the first Series of this horror sub-genre called „Found Footage“ and Rose is focusing on other stuff than the usual found
footage themes and backwood documentaries have… it is more an indepth documentary about the curious Big Foot events.

We had the pleasure to view the first pilot Clip and want to share our first impressions with You – our readers.
So here we go:

Actor Max Evans

Max Evans playing Steve Chandon

„Nature is cruel“ – let’s start our mini-review with this simple fact.
The Main character of the Series is played by Max Evans (‚Reeperbahn‘), who is taking the Role of „Steve Chandon“ (Greetings to ‚Inbred‘ Alex Chandon in this context – coincidence or family
tradition of New Flesh Films? 🙂 That’s the question here lol) – a millionaire, who had an unforgettable experience with some super-natural force in the past… BIG FOOT!!
Since this experience in the past his only aim in life is to follow the traces of Big Foot and his work as a ’semi-professional‘ Big Foot Researcher and Hunter immediately started not only in his head… so that he had to pack his stuff and go on an outrageous adventure by starting his very own backwood trip in order to find out more about Big Foot.
The camera follows his every move so that You are getting the right feeling of being on this research adventure together with him.
His is documenting all his research via a livestream on his laptop and over his mobile phone so that You are always up-to-date about his current research status.
He is hitting the backwoods very well-equipped and highly motivated on his trip… which leads to the result that his girlfriend is not very amused about his absence and his obsession.
Therefore she is giving him some very annoying phone calls, which is making him sick and angry!

Max Evans playing Steve Chandon

Main Character Max Evans

The acting of Max, who is solely playing alone in this first pilot episode – besides a special funny and curious „fan appearance“ made by non less than director and FX magician
Ryan Nicholson from Canada (who is making use of enough rude and excplicit language here – as we can expect it from a real madman like him *g*) – is done very well.
The acting is very much straight forward and never looks pretended.
Also the screenplay and the picture coloring are done great here in this first episode and are giving You the right atmosphere of being trapped alone in the woods with
the main character. The found footage theme is working well by the use of the different camera angles and simple tools like the installed Laptop cams and the shaky mobile phone…
Rose is keeping it minimal and „back to nature“ in this context and it is working great for this kind of sub-genre.
All in all this looks very promising for an independet and lower budget production to us and we hope to experience more spooky and high tensious adventures in the upcoming
next full Episodes.
The only critics in this context – but it is more a compliment than a critics to be clear – is the thing that the running time of this first pilot episode (a little bit more than 21 Minutes) could
have been much longer… but it is also a good sign as it shows that we where never bored 🙂 Anyway we hope to see some monsters, shock effects, ghosts and other scary stuff in the final
series later – cause this is the only thing that was misssing here…. but hey: it is the first pilot!
And we don’t want to spoiler here too much… as we think that Rose has kept the real stuff in his evil laboratory for the next episodes as he did not want to have shot all his bolt immediately
in this very first Preview Pilot 😉

Nature the Series produced by New Flesh Films

Nature The Series

Regarding the filming and post-production:
The picture quality, Lightning, Setting and Screenplay are top notch! The same goes for the Post-Production, which is again done brilliantly by Mr. Kai E. Bogatzki, who – we remember- also
did a great Job with the post-production of Marcel Waltz‘ „La Petite Mort 2 – The Nasty Tapes“ for example and is known for his unique style of editing.
The music by Myra is perfectly fitting into this series – and the camera work is done great by Rose and Kook… so that we are really looking forward to the final Series!

So our result is: 8/10 Big Foots in the mud of the backwoods for this first Preview pilot.
Step down into the backwoods and get ready  for „NATURE“ !

So what the Hell are You waiting for ? Check it out now!! 🙂

Here You can watch the first Teaser:

Short URL:

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