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When Two Horror Franchises Collide

Alien vs. Predator

When Two Horror Franchises Collide

When Two Horror Franchises Collide

Evil comes in all shapes and sizes in movies, and today we have loads of horror flicks that keep us on the edge of our seats. One of the reasons why the horror genre is so successful today is because of video games. The gaming industry has always been an inspiration for film directors and screenwriters, often basing their movies on the plots of video games.

The one trend that hasn’t really taken off with horror films yet though, but has in gaming is the rather interesting format of crossover genres. Game developers have long been mixing ideas from different genres, resulting in titles like Fallout 3 and Slingo Riches, a shooter/RPG product and a bingo/slots mashup respectively. They’ve even taken bad guys from various franchises and have had them face off in a whole new game, one example being Alien vs. Predator. More than ten games are based on Alien vs. Predator, compared to the film industry which only has two movies based on that crossover.

As fans of the horror genre, we’re curious to see what matchups screenwriters can come with to keep us on enthralled. But for now, we’ll just have to settled for with what we’ve got. Although the crossover films haven’t been as well received as their original franchises, you still might get a kick out of the following films:

Freddy vs. Jason
Nightmare on Elm Street meets Friday the 13th in the 2003 horror film directed by Ronny Yu. Freddy Krueger returns to Elm Street to once again petrify the youth by resurrecting the hockey mask wearing killer from Crystal Lake, murdering any teenagers he comes across. Freddy revives his strength through Jason Voorhees‘ killing spree, but Jason’s unwillingness to step aside leads the two infamous killers to face off in a horror flick showdown.

406569-alienvspredator_1Alien vs. Predator
James Cameron showed us just how ruthless the aliens are, but could they ever outsmart the extra-terrestrial warrior adapted by Jim and John Thomas? The two legends from space make their first encounter in Antarctica where a team of archaeologists and scientists must protect themselves against not one, but two kinds of extra-terrestrial beings. Their next epic battle takes place in a small town in America shortly after a predator crashes his spacecraft into a field, releasing a deadly hybrid alien that goes on to destroy any being that comes his way.

Which horror matchup would you like to see next?

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