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Scherzo Diabolico – Short Review and Trailer

Scherzo Diabolico Review and Trailer

Scherzo Diabolico (2015)

Scherzo Diabolico is a dark comic horror film from Spanish writer-director Adrián García Bogliano (The ABCs Of Death, Here Comes The Devil).
It had its world premiere this year at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Short Review:
We have watched this independent horror thriller on this year’s Fantasy Film Festival in summer… and we really did enjoy it!
It is a good independent Horror Thriller from Mexico with some notable references to Italian Giallos (especially regarding the Soundtrack and some camera perspectives, which reminded us a lot of Argento’s classics) and also some newer movies of the torture porn gerne. But You cannot put it into a certain category… and that’s good! This movie is very unique and therefore we liked it a lot… allthough it may not be made for everyone – but this always applies to independent movies, doesn’t it ?! We don’t want to spoiler here too much as this movie got such a strange and unusual narrative plot… that it would destroy the tension. But what we can tell You is: it really has a sick and extreme Twist after the first 60 minutes… and even we wouldn’t have expected it to reach this climax and twist that extreme 😉

Scherzo Diabolico Review and Trailer

Scherzo Diabolico

The acting is all done great and the characters do match very well here inside this dark atmosphere… for an independent Movie it is over the Top.
If You are open for independent Horror Thriller Movies and feel comfortable with black & dark Mexican Humour… then this movie might be Your choice!
But let us tell You this: if You expect a typical thriller -> then this is NOT the right movie for You, as it is very special… and unique! You cannot put it into any certain box or niche and compare it with the usual thrillers…
For Gorehounds: there is also a good portion of blood and gore included, but not over-rated! It is well dosed, but in some scenes very explicit!

Scherzo Diabolico Review and Trailer

Scherzo Diabolico from Mexican Horror Thriller

The only thing that we did not like was that from the beginning through the mid of the flick there was not much action… and it really needed a long time until things started getting crazy – but then they started stronger and even more unexpected than ever before… so it is not a real critics here, cause the movie is intended to take the viewer into this states of confusion we now know… but we think this „long prelude“ could have been shorteend a little bit 😉 In any case: we can only recommend it!!

Rating/Score: 8 of 10 Death Stars on the Daily (Diabolical) Horror Scale!

Story Plot:
The pic centers on an accountant (helmer regular Francisco Barreiro) living an unbearably dull existence. With a nagging wife who berates him for not being assertive enough, and a measly paycheck, he quietly suffers while awaiting a long-deserved promotion. But he has been secretly devising a scheme to finally get what he feels he is owed: One day he kidnaps a schoolgirl (Daniela Solo Vell) and stashes her in an abandoned warehouse. But what seems like the perfect plan soon unravels into his worst nightmare, and his carefully constructed scheme comes crashing down.

Official Trailer Clip:

Scherzo Diabolico (clip) from Festival Fantasia on Vimeo.

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