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Review: American Guinea Pig – Bouquet of Guts and Gore [Unearthed Films]

American Guinea Pig Review

American Guinea Pig Review

American Guinea Pig – Bouquet of Guts and Gore is the first movie of madman Stephen Biro, whom most of You horror fans and gorehounds out there may already know very well from his cult label „Unearthed Films“, which delivers only Extreme Horror Movie Stuff and is famous for being the American distributor of all things gory and extreme – especially from Asia – for over 15 years now with their huge store catalogue.

First of all a little bit History about the Guinea Pig „case“ itself:
The movie is based on the Japanes Guinea Pig series – particularly in this case on the Part „Flowers of Flesh and Blood“, which got (in-)famous for being one of the most extreme and perverted movies back in the goold old days of the late 80’s, when it first hit the VHS market!  There was not much story included… and it turned out to be just a total gorefest of extreme carnage for all gorehounds. And what was really outstanding and new at those times back in the 80’s with this series: the look and atmosphere of the movie was so realistic, cheaply filmed and uncompromising brutal that it appeared to be like a snuff film. There where only few conversations made and the whole movie turned the viewer into a strange and sick atmosphere like being included in a real murder without knowing this before. Furthermore all this got an even more bizarre and extreme cult status thanks to the funny story of a prominent person – let us just call him „Charlie Sheen“ – who called the F.B.I. when he first saw this movie at a friend’s house, cause he couldn’t believe his own eyes and thought that he had become a vicitim of having watched a „real“ and non-acted underground Snuff movie, where someone actually got killed in the end ! 😉

Writer & Director Stephen Biro (Unearthed Films)

Writer & Director Stephen Biro (Unearthed Films)

Now – almost over 20 years later… Stephen Biro has fullfilled his plan to produce a Comeback of this cult gore piece in horror movie history! Not an easy task nowadays with all this High Tech Equipment and influences of the „mobile generation“ … but did he do it well and could he create a same „realistic“ atmosphere with this movie ? Sloooowly … We will tell You now:
First of all – Biro has done a great job regarding the production. He has gathered a small team of famous persons in the horror underground, which You could literally describe as the „evil axis of Horror Underground Entertainment“: Here we have: Mr. MARCUS KOCH (‚100 Tears‘, ‚Circus of the Dead‘, ‚The Theatre Bizarre‘) – doing the Special bloody Gore FX << see also our interview on The Daily Horror with this cult icon some months ago >> – we have legendary underground director JIM VANBEBBER (‚The Manson Family‘, ‚My sweet Satan‘, ‚Deadbeat at Dawn‘) rolling the (Super 8) Cams and directing this bloody Movie – we have ROGAN RUSSELL MARSHALL (‚Gator Green‘, ‚Horror in the Attic‘) controlling the 2nd Unit – we have JIMMY SCREAMERCLAUZ (‚Where the Dead go to die‘) being responsible for the sick & dark Soundtrack surrounding this flick and last but not least STEPHEN BIRO himself – being the writer, producer and director of this sick piece of gore shit! So this list already sounds and reads like a „dream team“ of very professional, engaged and dedicated horror friends, who have come together with only one mission target: to deliver a Gorefest so sick, realistic and perverted … that it should mark a new chapter in the gore niche!

The movie starts with the kidnapping of 2 girls done by intoxication (chloroform). You can barely see the kidnappers and the camera then fades out to the next scene after they are hijacked in their cars.

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American Guinea Pig – Bouquet of Guts and Gore

Now You see a scene, where 3 guys are entering a big room – while each of them is pulling a custom mask over his face. The masks themselves look really sick and scary – and especially the mask of the main actor „Eight the Chosen“ looks extremely well manufactured and unique… as it is made of a real animal skull head. Not the typical Masks like in LAID TO REST or other new movies are being used here, which I appreciate…
Then the scene fades out again with the typical tracking retro effect like back in the good old days of VHS Video… and You are now being taken to the room, where the 2 girls are lying tied up to some operational beds… totally moveless and still under the influence of the drugs.
Now the gorefest begins… and You can see that the whole range of all imaginable different torture instruments are already lying prepared on a special table… for the upcoming „treatment“ performed by Eight the Chosen.
There is not much conversation going on here – except some „directional hints“ between the 3 guys. The main actor, who is performing all the atrocities, is hereby being filmed by the 2 other guys, who are rolling their Super 8 Cams… and helping him with the torture tools plus giving him some ‚acting directions‘ from time to time. For example „Don’t start on the right – always start on the left when carving her up!“ 😉
The movie itself can be only categorized as an extreme Torture porn and gore movie, but in a different way than the usual stuff… as it is more a tribute to the cult era of „snuff“ related themes.

I don’t want to spoiler here too much regarding the story itself…as there is not so much  story (except for the end, which I will not mention here!) – and so I will now continue with the main aspects of the movie making:
The movie is done very well in every kind of aspect! I really wouldn’t have it expected to look that realistic and back to the old school of the 80’s! It is almost like taking a trip in a time machine and travel back to the late 80’s, when the first VHS-Copies of the Flower of Flesh and blood arrived in your „real“ mailbox through Tape-Trading 🙂
(maybe some of You might have experienced the same back in those days, when Tape-Trading was the only alternative that You had to get those movies home… and while there was no Internet back in those days *g*).

Unearthed Films Review

Unearthed Films Label

Regarding the Production and Directing: The chosen 4:3 aspect ratio of the screen play like in early VHS-Times, the retro „Tracking“ effects and added Film Noise and Grain FX, the quality of the cheap camera looks, the grimmy sounds and all the details as for example the Super 8 Cams – are all so well done here that I must say: it is a kind of art itself to combine this all so perfectly together! You really get the feeling of being taken back on a trip to VHS. Furthermore and most important for me: This movie reminded me also a lot of „Last House on Dead End Street“ by cult legend Roger Michael Watkins (R.I.P.) from 1977 (which is also one of my absolute favourite sick Films!) , where the sick atmosphere is nearly the same… and I heard that Stephen Biro also mentioned him as his big influence for this movie, too.

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American Guinea Pig – by Stephen Biro

Regarding the actors: the main character is very well played by Eight the Chosen, who some of You may already know from his YouTube Channels and films critics… and who got his acting premiere in this movie. He did it well!
The other „players“ are also played well – and in the original audio they also sound cool. I would not recommend You to watch this movie with German Audio – as the Synchro unfornately can only be described as „bad ass porn style“ sync 😉
The directing of the Movie by VanBebber and Biro is also done very well – they have especially focused on using the same tequniques that had been used back in the old days, when LHODES and GUINEA PIG where being produced. You can clearly see that they wanted it to look that way and not new School, which I think was very cool and clever here. It is like a remastered adaption of the latter mentioned  movies 😉
Now we are coming to the most important Point: the Special FX, which mark 95% of a movie like this – and without them there would be no „movie“ 😉
Mr. MARCUS KOCH has already made his Master in special FX for his own movies with highlights like 100 Tears, but You could easily say that – with the new AMERICAN GUINEA PIG – he has made his second Master!! This means: the FX are top notch and absolutely over the Top! You are going to see hammer smashed Faces… opened Legs and Arms… lots of Guts … and everything that You can or can’t imagine… all done extremely professional and realistic. And I was really now wondering after having watched this all, how they managed it to direct this movie without seeing him in any scene doing the props, as he must have spent even more time on the set than anyone of the actors 🙂
The Soundtrack by Jimmy Screamerclauz marks the final essential part in the Bouquet of Guts and gore… as it it very well chosen and fits perfectly to this sick kind of gorefest.

Therefore we are now coming to the final Conclusion:
All in all – AMERICAN GUINEA PIG – totally kicks ass!! Allthough it does not represent any new invention or new kind of horror genre,  it pushes the limits of new Horror to another level!
Some of You may now say: But why the hell should I watch it, when I enjoyed the good old Guine Pig ? Well.. The answer is as simple as that: Cause this is kinda like a brilliant tribute to the good old times of the 80’s & 90’s and especially to the uncompromising era of VHS with respect to Movies like Guinea Pig and even with many refrences to the 70’s with underground independent Movies like the golden classic „Last house on Dead End Street“! This movie is a bloody and totally merciless gorefest and carnage, which totally lives off its dark atmosphere and special FX! And that’s exactly the reason why You should buy it and support real underground and independent movies! It has got this certain „Fuck You all“ mentality and this is the reason why it totally differs from other gore stuff that has been released over the last century.
So if You are a gorehound, then this movie is a Must-have for You… but Warning: if You are a usual Horror movie fan… avoid watching this – as this kinda movie really is not for the faint of heart… and it might not be good for Your stomach nor for Your brain otherwise… 😉

We congratulate Stephen Biro and his team – especially FX Master Marcus Koch – for having created a bloody fucking gorefest of its own kind!
The whole crew has put a lot of heart blood and enthusiasm into this movie – this is obvious and You can „feel“ it !! 🙂

RATING: 9/10 Death Skulls on the Daily Horror Scale!



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