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THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 2 – DVD Erscheinungstermin und Cover-Photo

The Human Centipede 2 - Cover Artwork

NEWS-POST by: Mister DIABOLO Obwohl The Human Centipede 2 – Full Sequence – nun bereits seit längerem bei diversen Video-on-Demand Anbietern erhältlich ist, ist dieser Titel noch nicht auf DVD oder BluRay bisher erschienen. Nun haben wir endlich erste Informationen zum offiziellen DVD-Release des Films erhalten: IFC Films und MPI Media werden den Film auf […]

New Movie „THE CABIN IN THE WOODS“ scheduled to be released in April 2012

NEWS-POST BY: Mister DIABOLO THE CABIN IN THE WOODS: After years of waiting, The Cabin in the Woods finally has a release date of April 13, 2012. Originally scheduled for release in 2009, the film has been on hold due to MGM’s financial troubles and was recently acquired by Lionsgate. A new teaser poster has […]

Piranha 3DD – Gary talks about Farting Cows and others kinds of „Piranhas“ !

NEWS-POST BY Mister DIABOLO: The best part about films casting a bunch of oddball ex-stars is that they’ll talk to any press about their roles without conscious. Meaning, they’ll reveal everything if you ask nicely. Such the case with Gary Busey, who stars in Dimension Films‘ Piranha 3DD. Re-teaming Feast director John Gulager with writers […]

Erstes Photo und Cover von Rob Zombie’s neuestem Fake-Film „Frankenstein versus the Witchfinder“ !


BY: Mister DIABOLO Rob Zombie kann es nicht lassen und wird auch in seinem neuesten Horror-Film „The Lords of Salem“ mal wieder einen Fake-Film einbauen! (Wir erinnern uns ja noch gerne an den genialen Fake-Trailer aus der Grindhouse-Reihe…) Der Fake-Streifen wird den vielversprechenden Titel: „Frankenstein vs. the Witchfinder“ tragen und mit zur Cast gehören unter […]

Our first Video-Teaser on YouTube is ON… featuring Material from the great „Video Nasties“ – Documentary! Enjoy the Violence…

BY: Mister DIABOLO and Sam HAIN This is a promotional Trailer for our Newspaper in combination with a promo campaign for the super cool DVD „Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape“ by Nucleus Film. All Editing and Logo Design was done by Mister Diabolo and Sam Hain. On our Horror Blog and Newspaper […]

Kino Extrem feiert 2-jähriges Jubiläum und unsere Redaktion gratuliert herzlich! Kommt zum Special Event am 26.11. nach Regensburg!

BY: Mister DIABOLO Die „KinoExtrem“-Reihe vom Hardline-Blog sollte einigen von Euch bereits ein Begriff sein. Sie steht für unzensiertes und extremes Kino in Regensburg und hat bereits einen gewissen Kult-Status in der Szene. Daher gratulieren wir vom TheDailyHorror heute ganz herzlich unseren Kooperations-Partnern zum 2-jährigen Jubiläum, das morgen – am 26.11.2011 – mit einem speziellen […]

CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST – Very long and interesting Interview with Actor Gabriel Yorke – Full Version (over 51 Minutes!)

BY: Mister DIABOLO We have found a very interesting and – if You got the same humor like us – at some points very funny interview with the former Main Actor Gabriel Yorke of the cult classic „Cannibal Holocaust“ by Italian Director Ruggero Deodato. The interview is as crazy as the Movie Cannibal Holocaust was… […]

“ THE DEAD “ Release Date for DVD and BluRay set up to 14. February 2012!

BY: Mister DIABOLO Anchor Bay has announced that The Dead shall be released on February 14. We also have release information, including bonus features and cover art: BEVERLY HILLS, CA — Unlike anything audiences have been exposed to before, The Dead grabs you by the throat and takes you on a visceral journey across the […]

Seriously cult and cool Video Clip about Grindhouse Cinema and Exploitation Films

BY: MISTER DIABOLO Very cool and in-depth Videoclip about the Grindhouse Cinema, its origins and all the different and interesting Sub-Genres of the Exploitation Films connected with the Grindhouse. Source: YOUTUBE

Xavier Gens (Frontiers) to direct James Wan’s „House of Horror“ !

NEWS-POST BY: Mister DIABOLO It appears as if director Xavier Gens (Frontiere(s), The Divide) is getting set to be the man to pull the strings in James Wan’s latest indie frighfest, and we’ve got the details for you inside. Shock Till You Drop reports that Gens is attached to direct House of Horror for Wan. […]

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