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Seriously cult and cool Video Clip about Grindhouse Cinema and Exploitation Films

BY: MISTER DIABOLO Very cool and in-depth Videoclip about the Grindhouse Cinema, its origins and all the different and interesting Sub-Genres of the Exploitation Films connected with the Grindhouse. Source: YOUTUBE

The Video Nasties: 72 The Number Of The Beast!

Video Nasties

The DPP list of ‚video nasties‘ was first made public in June 1983. The list was modified monthly as prosecutions failed or were dropped. In total, 72 separate films appeared on the list at one time or another. 39 films were successfully prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act but some of these films have been […]

“ Chopping Mall “ Remake announced by “ Laid to Rest “ Director Robert Hall!

BY: Mister DIABOLO 1986′s Chopping Mall is being remade by Laid to Rest director Robert Hall. According to Variety, Robert Hall’s Dry County Entertainment has acquired the rights to remake the film, with Hall directing. Kevin Bocarde and Robert Hall will write the screenplay and production is expected to begin in the spring. The original […]

Mama, Papa, Zombie Doku aus dem Jahre 1984 – einfach nur Kult… auch 27 Jahre später!

BY: Mister DIABOLO Wir schreiben das Jahr 1984 und das ZDF produziert eine Dokumentation unter dem Titel „Mama, Papa, Zombie“ und setzt damit ein Denkmal in der deutschen Mediengeschichte. Nach dieser Doku wurde Sam Raimis „Evil Dead“ (Tanz der Teufel) auf den Index gesetzt und was folgte war ein unglaublicher Rechtsstreit darüber, ob Zombies Menschen […]

EVENT – Have a special Dinner with the Cast Members of the Texas Chainsaw Family!

BY: Mister DIABOLO This Special Event is taking Place in Indianapolis soon. Here is the official invitation letter from DAYS OF THE DEAD: “Next July, a handful of die hard fans of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre will get to partake in a once in a lifetime experience courtesy of DAYS OF THE DEAD. DAYS OF […]

Trailer for Tribeca Films‘ „Don’t Go in the Woods “ out now!

Don't go in the Woods

BY: MISTER DIABOLO Most of You may know the good old Video Nasty called „Don’t go in the Woods“, when there was this time in Video Filming History when nearly every filmmaker used the word „don’t“ in his Grindhouse and Horror Releases… now we have a new Version of this cult title, which will be […]

The Munsters Are Back!

The Munster are back in evil Business!

  BY: SAM HAIN Yeah! It´s true.. The Munsters are coming back to you. I hope this won´t be a bad Idea… For the whole Madness, read this: Munsters Reboot

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