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Cool Short Film “T is for Toilet “ by Lee Hardcastle wins Contest to find the „next great Horror Filmmaker“!

Compiled and edited by: MISTER DIABOLO Here is a Picture of the winning short Film „T is for Toilet“ by great director Lee Hardcastle. This is a very powerful, funny and bloody Short Film, which should not be missed! In our next Blog Entry we will show You the Video of this Masterpiece! Drafthouse Films, […]

“ The Taint “ Trailer – Trash as Trash can in the best Underground-Style!

The Taint Movie

We highly recommend You to view “ THE TAINT “ – an absolute independent Trash-Movie… it’s gory… it’s bloody… it’s violent… and not to forget: it’s full of cheap Conversations…! But who the Hell cares ? This is what Splatter is all about… It’s THE TAINT! And we love it! 😉 The Taint – Trailer […]

Erster exklusiver Trailer von Viva Berlin online!

Viva Berlin's first Zombie-Trailer

Watch the exclusiv first trailer of Viva Berlin! – Germany´s first ever to have been produced Zombie Series Producer: Benjamin Munz Director: Moritz Mohr Writer: Benjamin Karalic DOP: Marcus Stotz VFX: Peter Hacker Art Direction: Juliane Hoffrecht Edited by Dominik Kattwinkel Starring: Christian Blümel, Timur Isik, Can Aydin, Jens Atzorn, Alissa Jung, Ralph Herforth, Sina […]

Trailer 2011 für SCHLARAFFENHAUS (neuester Film von Director Marcel Walz)

Regie: Marcel Walz / Drehbuch: Marcel Walz Darsteller: Annika Strauß, Alex Anasuya, Selin Deveci, Morad Azzaaoui, Manfred Münichsdorfer, Martin Semmelrogge u.a. Im neuesten Horrorstreifen von Marcel Walz, (u.a. „La Petite Morte“, 2009), dringen Fremde in ein Haus einer Familie ein und durchbrechen das friedvolle Familienleben mit Blut, Gewalt und grausamer Folter. „Schlaraffenhaus“ ist eine gemeinsame […]

Kultiges Interview mit German Director Jörg Buttgereit vom WOH 2010

Regisseur Jörg Buttgereit

Interview mit Regisseur Jörg Buttgereit (u.a. Nekromantik und Schramm) vom WEEKEND OF HORRORS November 2010 in Bottrop.

New official Trailer for Unrated Part 2 – Scary as Hell –

Directed by Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas. Posted by: Mister Diabolo

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