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Und wieder einmal hat die Zensurschere Deutschlands fürchterliches angerichtet! Lest was die Kollegen von Schnittberichte mitteilen: Wir haben ja schon darüber berichtet, dass der italienische Splatter-Actioner Adam Chaplin nur stark gekürzt in Deutschland erscheinen wird. Allerdings fehlte bisher noch die offizielle FSK-Prüfung. Die erfolgte nun vor einigen Tagen und mit einer angegebenen Laufzeit von 60:33 […]


„Chillingly atmospheric, MARA’s icy grip will send shivers down your spine from first frame to last.“ Jim Wynorski, legendary independent filmmaker (“Chopping Mall,” “The Return of Swamp Thing,” “Piranhaconda”), after watching “Mara” Filmkoncept Scandinavia is proud to announce that the Swedish horror-thriller “Mara” will premiere on DVD and VOD in the U.S. and Canada during […]

Release Details for the new Slasher „Nobody Gets Out Alive“ !

Nobody gets out here alive

Finally we have some good news for all fans like us of the Golden Age of horror movies – namely the 80’s! The brandnew homage and ultimate Tribute to the the Slasher Movies of the 80’s called „Nobody gets out alive“ will be released by Image Entertainment very soon… so here we go with the official […]


The Orphan Killer is the brainchild of writer/director Matt Farnsworth. The film is unique in that it’s generated an international buzz of interest without ever having had an official release. Currently marketing the film himself online, Farnsworth has huge plans for The Orphan Killer (review here) and its superstar slasher, Marcus Miller. „The Orphan Killer […]


„The Daily Horror“ is proud to present Ryan McHenry’s BAFTA winning short film, „ZOMBIE MUSICAL“! It has been picked up by BLACK CAMEL PICTURES (OUTPOST franchise, SUNSHINE ON LEITH) to be a feature film which shall being shooting at the start of 2013. ENJOY!

Fright Night 2 – Remake erhält direct-to-DVD-Fortsetzung

Fright Night 2 Remake

18 Millionen Dollar an Einnahmen für das 1. Remake sind offenbar leider nicht Abschreckung genug. Die bislang stets im Kino angesiedelten Vampire sollen diesmal exklusiv auf DVD und Blu-ray ihr Unwesen treiben. Bislang unbestätigten Gerüchten zufolge ist nämlich bereits ein Heimkino-Sequel zur 2011 gestarteten Neuauflage in Arbeit und für einen baldigen, möglichst kostengünstigen Drehbeginn in […]

Official Trailer for “ Doc of the Dead “

Doc of the Dead Teaser

Check out the Official Trailer for this strange new Project here: You can also take a look at the official Website here: » DOC OF THE DEAD OFFICIAL SITE «

George A. Romero talking about his newest Zombie Documentary „Doc of the Dead“

The People against George Lucas

In case you haven’t heard, Doc of the Dead is slated to be the definitive zombie culture documentary and speculative chronicle of the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Genre icons like Simon Pegg and George Romero are already on board, as well as nerd culture gurus Geekscape. This project is being directed by Alexandre O. Philippe (The […]

Brandnew Trailer for the Remake of „Silent Night – Deadly Night“ released!

Well folks… to be honest with You: We are really not the biggest Fans of Remakes at The Daily Horror, but sometimes You have to give a chance to some, which look quite interesting and brightening – e.g. like the new MANIAC and EVIL DEAD… but there is also a Remake of the Classic „Silent […]

New Horror-Movie “Clown“ will be produced by Hostel-Director Eli Roth!

In October 2010, a mock trailer for Clown was released by Jon Watts and Christopher D. Ford, which featured Eli Roth’s name, even though he was unaware of the trailer’s existence. Eventually, this got the attention of Eli Roth and he ended coming on board as a producer to give these guys the opportunity to […]

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