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The Video Nasties: 72 The Number Of The Beast!

Video Nasties

The DPP list of ‚video nasties‘ was first made public in June 1983. The list was modified monthly as prosecutions failed or were dropped. In total, 72 separate films appeared on the list at one time or another. 39 films were successfully prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act but some of these films have been […]

Mama, Papa, Zombie Doku aus dem Jahre 1984 – einfach nur Kult… auch 27 Jahre später!

BY: Mister DIABOLO Wir schreiben das Jahr 1984 und das ZDF produziert eine Dokumentation unter dem Titel „Mama, Papa, Zombie“ und setzt damit ein Denkmal in der deutschen Mediengeschichte. Nach dieser Doku wurde Sam Raimis „Evil Dead“ (Tanz der Teufel) auf den Index gesetzt und was folgte war ein unglaublicher Rechtsstreit darüber, ob Zombies Menschen […]


Father's Day

By Dennis Harvey Winnipeg collective Astron-6’s first feature, „Father’s Day,“ is a gleefully tasteless quasi-grindhouse nasty that’s funnier than most of the many such parodic cheesefests that have been created since, well, „Grindhouse.“ Though the result is inevitably hit-and-miss, its attention to retro cliches and stylistic details, as well as a pretty good laughs-to-groaners ratio, […]

Hobo With A Shotgun

Hobo with a Shotgun

A train pulls into the station – it’s the end of the line. A hobo jumps from a freight car hoping for a fresh start in a new city. Instead, he finds himself trapped in an urban hell. This is a world where criminals rule the streets and Drake, the city’s crime boss, reigns supreme […]

Chillerama – Offizieller Trailer zum abgefahrenen Horror-Episodenfilm von Rifkin, Sullivan, Lynch und Green!

Chillerama Anthology Movie

BY: MISTER DIABOLO Chillerama ist ein klasse & sehr witziger Episodenfilm, den wir uns vom DailyHorror schon auf dem diesjährigen Fantasy Film Festival nicht entgehen haben lassen… und wir waren begeistert! Schaut Euch einfach den Trailer zu dieser B-Movie Anthologie an, die dem Titel „B-Movie“ wirklich alle Ehre macht 🙂 Als Regisseure zeichneten sich für […]

Trailer for Tribeca Films‘ „Don’t Go in the Woods “ out now!

Don't go in the Woods

BY: MISTER DIABOLO Most of You may know the good old Video Nasty called „Don’t go in the Woods“, when there was this time in Video Filming History when nearly every filmmaker used the word „don’t“ in his Grindhouse and Horror Releases… now we have a new Version of this cult title, which will be […]

Cool Short Film “T is for Toilet “ by Lee Hardcastle wins Contest to find the „next great Horror Filmmaker“!

Compiled and edited by: MISTER DIABOLO Here is a Picture of the winning short Film „T is for Toilet“ by great director Lee Hardcastle. This is a very powerful, funny and bloody Short Film, which should not be missed! In our next Blog Entry we will show You the Video of this Masterpiece! Drafthouse Films, […]

“ The Taint “ Trailer – Trash as Trash can in the best Underground-Style!

The Taint Movie

We highly recommend You to view “ THE TAINT “ – an absolute independent Trash-Movie… it’s gory… it’s bloody… it’s violent… and not to forget: it’s full of cheap Conversations…! But who the Hell cares ? This is what Splatter is all about… It’s THE TAINT! And we love it! 😉 The Taint – Trailer […]

New Special Blu-Ray Version of EVIL DEAD II released on 15th November 2011

Evil Dead 2 – new BluRay Release Lionsgate has just released a 25th anniversary Blu-ray edition of Evil Dead II. On top of a brand new 1080p transfer, the disc contains a number of new bonus features and all new commentary. Continue reading for the cover art and list of bonus features. From horror master […]

Trailer 2011 für SCHLARAFFENHAUS (neuester Film von Director Marcel Walz)

Regie: Marcel Walz / Drehbuch: Marcel Walz Darsteller: Annika Strauß, Alex Anasuya, Selin Deveci, Morad Azzaaoui, Manfred Münichsdorfer, Martin Semmelrogge u.a. Im neuesten Horrorstreifen von Marcel Walz, (u.a. „La Petite Morte“, 2009), dringen Fremde in ein Haus einer Familie ein und durchbrechen das friedvolle Familienleben mit Blut, Gewalt und grausamer Folter. „Schlaraffenhaus“ ist eine gemeinsame […]

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