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Reeperbahn Special Part #8 – Interview mit Cutter & Kameramann Kai E. Bogatzki

Exklusiv Interview auf dem Daily Horror

TDH: Hallo Kai und danke erst einmal, dass Du Dir die nötige Zeit für dieses Interview nimmst. Erzähle uns doch bitte etwas über Dich. Ich kenne Dich ja schon gut aus einigen Filmen, wo Du für den nötigen „Schliff“ beim Cutting oder dem Filmen selber gesorgt hast… Aber erzähle unseren Lesern doch mal bitte mehr 😉 […]


Hey Fellaz! OK, we’re talking about a Videogame.. But if this were a movie… Yessss!!!! So, be ready for something like „Postal-The Next Generation“! Title: Hatred Developer: Destructive Creations Publisher: TBC Platforms: PC Genre: Isometric shooter Setting: Horror Release date: Q2 2015 THE PLOT: My name is not important. What is important is what I’m […]


Hey Guys! James Balsamo is coming up to you with his Sequel to „I Spill Your Guts“. Plot: A blood-crazed vigilante is carving through New York’s political empire, dismembering one corrupt politician after another.Only known as the American Executioner, this mask-wearing maniac is fueled by revenge to kill a senator who he blames for losing […]

EXKLUSIV – INTERVIEW mit Kult-Regisseur OLAF ITTENBACH zu 5 SEASONS und anderen aktuellen Themen!

Daily Horror Interview Olaf Ittenbach

So Leute… das Warten hat ein Ende! 🙂 Nach einer kurzen Pause melden wir uns bei Euch mit dem nächsten exklusiven Interview zurück – und diese Woche haben wir wieder was ganz Besonderes für Euch an Land  gezogen: Wir haben den „Godfather of German Gore“ Olaf Ittenbach für Euch exklusiv zu seinem aktuellen Film „5 Seasons“ sowie anderen […]

Creepy Campfire Stories – Erster Trailer Online – Support this new Episode Horror Movie!

Creepy Campfire Stories by Sandermania

So Leute – der erste Trailer von „CREEPY CAMPFIRE STORIES“ ist nun endlich seit einigen Tagen online. Es handelt sich dabei um ein neues, interessantes Projekt von Sandermania in Form eines Episoden-Horror-Films. Starring: Jonathan Schäble, Alex Lotz, Julia Schmausser, Diana Brumminger, Marc Nadler, Alexander Schäble, Isabelle Aring, Thomas Binder, Melissa Bindczeck, Pas Van Deyck, Morris Mirror, […]

Our official Webshop is now Online!

Exklusiver Uncut Horror und Special Interest Store vom Daily Horror

It’s Doomsday, Maniacs 🙂 Our official Uncut Horror Web Store is now finally Online! As requested by most of our readers and friends, we have prepared some special Deals with some cool labels…. Go visit it here, Brothers and Sisters: Enjoy Maniacs 😉                       […]

THE ORPHAN KILLER 2 – Bound X Blood – Web News and Picture Gallery

orphan killer part 2

Directed by our good friend Matt Farnsworth, we are highly anticipating the Return of THE ORPHAN KILLER in the second Part! Starring beautiful Diane Foster, the first Pictures already lead to the idea that this second Part, which bears the Title „Bound X Blood“, will become a Tag-Team-Match of Diane and T.O.K. himself together! Stay tuned […]

V/H/S Viral (VHS-3) – News Trailer und Cover Artwork Poster

VHS 3 Teil 3 Poster Artwork

V/H/S Viral (VHS-3) – der Name ist Programm. Der episodenhafte Found-Footage-Horror auf VHS geht in die dritte Runde! Kurz-Infos: Regie: Todd Lincoln, Gregg Bishop, Marcel Sarmiento, Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead Genre: Horror Darsteller: Emilia Zoryan, Justin Welborn, Emmy Argo, Jessica Luza, Randy McDowell, Carrie Keagan Nationalität: USA Start-Termin: Es gibt leider noch keinen offiziellen Starttermin. […]

New Official Trailer for Eli Roth’s „Green Inferno“ and some short News-Flash

Eli Roth presents the Green Inferno

Finally the full trailer for „The Green Inferno“ by Eli Roth has made its premiere. After the first Teaser that we released here some time ago, this one gives you a much better look at Eli Roth’s latest directorial effort and provides you with a bit more information of the set-up that drives the human […]

The Human Centipede 3 – News and first Picture impression

Tom Six director of the human centipede 3

This might a little bit too early for a final print, but we’ll post it here anyway. The disgusting Human Centipede Series continues on and it seems it has a cult following with The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence), as it is officially called. Entertainment Weekly had a first look photo to debut from this […]

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