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Review: A Day Of Violence (Uncut UK DVD from 101 Films)

A Day of Violence DVD Review

 English Review Title: A Day of Violence Director: Darren Ward Written by: Darren Ward Cast: Nick Rendell, Giovanni Lombardo Radice, Christopher Fosh, Helena Martin, Victor D. Thorn, Peter Rnic, Steve Humphries, Tina Barnes, Forbes KB, Pete Morgan Genres: Crime | Thriller Country: UK Language: English Release Date: 7 November 2009 (USA) Runtime: 91 min Production […]

Thrashing Rage Volume #2 – Great Compilation of Old School Thrash Metal Stuff!

The 80’s strike back once more in Volume II of the great „Thrashing Rage“ Series! And from the Cover of Part II You can see that it’s literally going to be a bloody mess! 🙂 We do again have this Part, which marks Number 2 of the great Trans-Atlantic Mix collaboration as a Free Download […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Director DARREN WARD! (A Day of Violence, Sudden Fury)

Interview with British director Darren Ward

TDH: Cheers Darren and first of all many Greetings from Steve and our whole Editorial Crew at! It’s a great pleasure & honour for us to have You here for an exclusive interview today! And by the way: Happy Birthday to You in the aftermath!! 🙂 DW: Yeah – Thanks and Cheers to You, […]


If you have enjoyed „Adam Chaplin“, have a look at „Taeter City“!   Director: Giulio De Santi Writer: Giulio De Santi Stars: Monica Muñoz, Riccardo Valentini, Santiago Ortaez Synopsis: In Taeter City everything is managed by the iron fist of dictatorship members: THE AUTORITY. They use a special radio wave system called Zeed that lets […]


Director: Chris Seaver Writers: Casey Bowker (story), Chris Seaver (story) Cast: Jesse Ames, Nicola Fiore, Billy Garberina, Meredith Host, Kurt Indovina, Debbie Rochon, Lauren Seavage, Chris Seaver, A.J. Stabone, Josh Suire Synopsis: In 1945, the members of P.I.A. (Paranormal Investigation Agency) landed in Nazi Germany and defeated Hitler and his evil scheme to unleash genetically […]


Official Press Release:   April 12, 2013, Mt. Laurel, NJ – Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that Cassie, the star of Tim Seeley’s most famous creation, Hack/Slash, will be crossing-over with Ash from the Army of Darkness, in a new series written by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley! Featuring covers by Tim Seeley himself, his […]


  Who We Are:   Director of Operations (Director + Writer): Drew Bolduc   Director of Visual Communication (Director of Photography): William Robinette Alien Relations (Producer + Assistant Director): Michele Lombardi   Join Science Team: We are Science Team. We need your help. We have lasers. Science Team is a national organization whose main purpose is […]

Special Event: SPLATTERDAY NIGHT FEVER Event in Saarbrücken mit EVIL DEAD!

Splatterday Night Fever mit Evil Dead Deutschland Premiere

Unsere Kollegen vom „Splatterday Night Fever“ Festival in Saarbrücken haben gute News für alle Evil Dead-Fans! Hier die Original-Nachricht: „So es ist wirklich vollbracht!!!!! Mehrere Wochen Verhandlungen mit Sony Pictures haben sich ausgezahlt. Wir dürfen EVIL DEAD als einziges Festival in Deutschland – und damit als Deutschlandpremiere – knapp 1 Monat vor Kinostart zeigen! Wir […]

New hidden Footage from the Evil Dead Remake!

Evil Dead Remake

A 60-second TV spot for Evil Dead with new footage has appeared during The Walking Dead Season 3 finale on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it for any reason or missed it, no Problem! You now have the chance  to take a look at it here again as it’s been released online with an introduction from Bruce Campbell and […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH: GIOVANNI LOMBARDO RADICE (House on the Edge of the Park, City of the Living Dead, Cannibal Ferox, Phantom of Death)

Giovanni Lombardo Radice Actor / Director / Writer – to some better known as John Morghen. Most people call him „Johnny“ and that’s what he likes most. Best known for his acting skills in cult classics from the 80’s like „House on the Edge of the Park“, „City of the Living Dead“, „Cannibal Ferox“, „Phantom of […]

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