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New hidden Footage from the Evil Dead Remake!

Evil Dead Remake

A 60-second TV spot for Evil Dead with new footage has appeared during The Walking Dead Season 3 finale on Sunday. If you haven’t seen it for any reason or missed it, no Problem! You now have the chance  to take a look at it here again as it’s been released online with an introduction from Bruce Campbell and […]

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH: GIOVANNI LOMBARDO RADICE (House on the Edge of the Park, City of the Living Dead, Cannibal Ferox, Phantom of Death)

Giovanni Lombardo Radice Actor / Director / Writer – to some better known as John Morghen. Most people call him „Johnny“ and that’s what he likes most. Best known for his acting skills in cult classics from the 80’s like „House on the Edge of the Park“, „City of the Living Dead“, „Cannibal Ferox“, „Phantom of […]

Trailer for the great Grindhouse docu “ Celluloid Bloodbath – More Prevues from Hell “ !

Celluloid Bloodbath - More Prevues from Hell

Well, my dark friends and fiends of the night… this is a brandnew documentation about the Grindhouse Cinema, its origins and much more called „Celluloid Bloodbath – More Prevues from hell“ and the name is just program! It covers a lot of interesting Trailer-Material as well as in-depth infos about the Grindhouse Cinema and its different […]


Directed by:  James Kenelm Clarke Produced by:  Brian Smedley-Aston Written by:  James Kenelm Clarke Starring:  Udo Kier, Linda Hayden, Fiona Richmond Music by:  Steve Gray Cinematography: Dennis C. Lewiston Editing by: Jim Connock Distributed by:  Target (UK) Release date:  March 1976 (UK) Running time:  82 min (cut version) Country:  United Kingdom Language:  English Paul Martin […]

Volles Programm Fantasy Film Festival 2012 (Städte: Berlin, Hamburg, München, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Köln, Nürnberg)

 Festival-Städte: BERLIN | HAMBURG | MÜNCHEN | STUTTGART | FRANKFURT | KÖLN | NÜRNBERG Zeitraum des Festivals in Köln:6. – 13. September 2012 Location in Köln: Cinedom (Köln-Innenstadt) Die Termine des Festivals für alle anderen Städte erfahrt Ihr auf der Seite des FFF’s selber: »» Fantasy Film Festival Website «« Wir haben das  komplette bisher […]


Directed by: Eric Weston Produced by: Eric Weston, Sylvio Tabet, Gerald Hopman Written by: Eric Weston, Joseph Garofalo Starring: Clint Howard Distributed by: Moreno Films Release date(s): 1981 Running time: 89 Min. Country: United States Language: English Budget: $1,000,000 Stanley Coopersmith (Clint Howard), a young cadet at an American military academy, is a social outcast […]

The Driller Killer

Directed by: Abel Ferrara Produced by: Rochelle Weisberg Written by: Nicholas St. John Starring: Abel Ferrara, Carolyn Marz, Baybi Day, Harry Schultz, Alan Wynroth Music by: Joseph Delia Distributed by: Cult Epics Release date(s): June 15 1979 Running time: 96 Min. Country: United States Language: English A young artist, Reno Miller (Abel Ferrara) and his […]

Don’t Look in the Basement

                                                                                                    Directed by: S.F. Brownrigg Produced […]

Don’t Go Near the Park

Directed by: Lawrence D. Foldes Produced by: Lawrence D. Foldes Written by: Linwood Chase, Lawrence D. Foldes Starring: Aldo Ray, Meeno Peluce, Tamara Taylor, Crackers Phinn, Linnea Quigley, Chris Riley Cinematography: William DeDiego Editing by: Dan Perry Distributed by: Cardinal IV Film Distributors Release date(s): 1981 Running time: 80 Min. Country: USA Language: English A […]

Don’t Go in the Woods

Directed by: James Bryan Produced by: James Bryan, Roberto Gomez, Suzette Gomez Written by: Garth Eliassen Starring: Jack McClelland, Mary Gail Artz, James P. Hayden, Angie Brown, Ken Carter, David Barth Music by: H. Kingsley Thurher Distributed by: Media Blasters Release date(s): 1980 (Salt Lake City, Utah) October 10, 2006 (US DVD premiere) April 29, […]

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